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The Upfront Cloud – Our Cloud of Clouds

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It all started with Local Currency Billing

In 2012 we started working with AWS to help customers in India achieve local currency billing; over the years as we spoke to our friends around the world we heard stories of founders getting fed up of using their credit cards, getting bill shock (especially because servers were left on) & trying to deal with the “runaway cloud train”. It seemed the utopia of the Cloud (something we pioneered at Nivio in 2004) was fast creating its own set of issues and was no longer fitting with the analogy of “just like electricity”.

Quick AWS lesson:

  • OnDemand Instances Cost $A per hour
  • Reserved Instances (RIs) cost 0.Y x $A per hour (ie. discounted according to tenure and nature of commitment).

As we grew ($25m in revenue in FY2016, $60m of revenue till date) we found that discounts resulting from our economies of scale could be increased if we committed to reserved instances on behalf of our customers, without any commitment from them and splitting the difference with them.

Artificial intelligence powered

This is where we started to use Artificial Intelligence (ML to be specific), to better understand how our 500+ accounts used EC2 / RDS so our UBS BOT (“Unscrewed Billing Service”) could make strong predictive decisions on which RIs to buy and sell; thus ensuring we used learned buying behavior to better understand how to ensure as much of our instances were covered by a Reserved Instance.

The Upfront Cloud

This has all come together in BuilderCloud (formerly CloudOps), and our belief in the “Upfront Cloud” which solves the following problems:

1) Using AWS in your Local Currency without the need of a credit card & intelligent alerts on usage (what we call the “Upfront Cloud Wallet”).

2) Getting Enterprise Styled Discounts without any commitments (what we have called the “Unscrewed Billing Service”).

3) Using Automation + BOTS to help our customers quickly do complex AWS Tasks like migrate to different AZ, setup AutoScaling and setup backup/ monitoring.

If you wish to learn more, get in touch with us by clicking here.

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