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The Summer 2019 Scoop #BuilderGeneration Needs to Know

As you might be seeing, depending where you are in the globe, it’s summer! Now is the time to light the barbecues, share the warmth with friends, family (or, co-workers?) and head out on vacation for some much deserved time off.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to dream up your next big idea! After all, creativity is often sparked when we’re most at ease.

As for us, we’ve been busy traversing the globe, working to ensure we’re connecting with as many Builders as humanly possible. Indeed, even picked up on the travel schedule of our Founder & Chief Wizard, Sachin Dev Duggal.

Our new LA office

Heading into July 4th, our Los Angeles-based team is excited about the new office in Los Angeles. Have you seen it yet? Our Chief Wizard (@DuggalSachin on Instagram) gave you a peek via Instagram this week. Check it out below.

We also recently partnered with Techjockey in India to continue to focus on creating opportunities for the small business community not just in the Asia-Pacific region but also across the globe.

According to Sachin, “This association holds strategic importance for both of us, as we’re both focused on creating opportunities for the small business community. We really value our partners because we can create a more fulfilling ecosystem of software solutions that address customer’s needs.”

Lastly, our interview with the Value Inspiration Podcast! There, Ton Dobbe interviewed Sachin and talked about, “The state of the market in which technology is often not delivering on its promise… [And] why the traditional approach to starting and delivering software projects is broken, and how a new, fresh approach, could transform things for the better, not only for large enterprises but also the small business owner.”

Either way, Builders, we hope your summer is shaping up to be as amazing as ours. And we look forward to dreaming of new innovations with you–on July 5th! Enjoy your July 4th, America.

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